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December is Full of Blessings

The past few weeks I have seen a gamut of actions, done by strangers and loved ones alike, which have literally brought tears to my eyes (both happy and sad). From the most recent school massacre in Sandy Hook, CT, to a St. Paul, MN, coffee house administering a “pay it forward” gift card program to random passers-by in honor of the twenty-six Sandy Hook shooting victims, to several Midwest neighbors exhibiting random acts of kindness after the recent winter storm (i.e. cleaning up driveways for those unable to battle the heavy snow in addition to checking in on the elderly).

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Where Was God?

As we reflect on the birth of the Christ child with heavy hearts this Advent season, let us remember that the story of Jesus actually begins with the senseless mass murder of children. King Herod attempts to eradicate the Messiah by ordering his soldiers to kill every firstborn child throughout the region. This peculiar story of a God who moves into our neighborhood as a small child begins with genocide. And after pages of life-giving miracles and teaching, we arrive at a scene of tragic injustice where Christ is executed as a common criminal. As Jesus hangs on the cross, he desperately cries out to God for an answer.

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Well, where was God?

I think God did show up.

He showed up in the lives of teachers who put their lives between a gunman and their students.

He showed up in the policemen who rushed into the school not knowing whether there would be a barrage of bullets.

He showed up in the form of hugs and tears for children, parents, and teachers who had lived through the slaughter.

He showed up at the overflow Church services where people lit candles and prayed.

He showed up at the White House where the president invoked His Name and quoted from His Book.
M. Huckabee (December 15 2012)