This is just plain fantastic. The LeafSnap app for iPhone identifies any leaf you take a picture of, as long as it’s in their library. Right now it’s limited to trees native to the Northeastern US, but they’re working on expanding that. The best part is it’s free!

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Textual kindness

One of the marks of an educated person is the ability to engage in critical thought. Literature professor Heidi Oberholtzer Lee argues that much of what passes for critical thought in higher education is just critical. She tries to inculcate in her students a spirit of humility—to listen, value and engage the writers, to see what wisdom one can learn from them, before engaging in a hermeneutics of suspicion. She wants her students to display humility not only toward one another but also toward the texts they read.

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What about this Jesus?

Everyone has to come to terms with the claims of Jesus Christ, or else be guilty of evading the question.

C. S .Lewis