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What about the past?

I was blessed to attend the baptism of an amazing young woman this past week. As I prayed for her in the days leading up to her baptism, I was thinking about how incredible it is that our sins are washed away when we are born again in Christ Jesus. Later, as I read my bible, I came upon Romans chapter 8:38-39 which emphasizes the fact that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. I have heard debate about this portion of scripture highlighting the fact that the past is not referenced. This is interesting to consider. After all doesn’t everyone have “baggage” and “emotional scars”?

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Are You Listening, or Are You Waiting To Be Called ?

Back when the telegraph was the fastest method of long-distance communication, a young man applied for a job as a Morse Code operator. Answering an ad in the newspaper, he went to the office address that was listed.

When he arrived, he entered a large, busy office filled with noise and clatter, including the sound of the telegraph in the background. A sign on the receptionist’ s counter instructed job applicants to fill out a form and wait until they were summoned to enter the inner office.

The young man filled out his form and sat down with the seven other applicants in the waiting area. After a few minutes, the young man stood up, crossed the room to the door of the inner office, and walked right in.

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Father Was SO Right!

Ahh… the younger generation… They know SO much, don’t they? Those of us in the older generations really ARE clueless, aren’t we? Of course, we’ve never experienced growing up (not like they have)… We were never tweens or teens before… We were simply born old - what do we know?

Growing up, my dad taught me so much (the never ending list includes educating me about God, manners, morals, managing money, keeping house, family recipes, survival skills, social skills, how to drive, table manners, how to tie my shoes and tell time). He was the one who always came to my bedside when I had bad dreams, and he has always been there for me through every life changing event.